About us

There is no unsolvable problem. Our team of young, motivated staff has an individual approach and attitude to each of our clients.


The site has video surveillance, access control, round-the-clock physical security and security. Our halls are equipped with industrial type ventilation systems with a total capacity of over 80 KW / h, dust filters, thermal sensors, optical internet connection and constant, uninterrupted electricity at 240 volts with a capacity of 12 MW / h. Each rig is connected to Smart Contact, with which you can monitor your consumption in real time, check it over the past months and restart your machine.


Ignat Androvski III


From an early age Ignat Androvski has been involved in fine arts and music. Graduated from the National Art High School in Sofia ...

Ivan Yovchev


Ivan grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and from a child he followed their path.Only at the age of seven did he find out about his passion for technology and engineering ...

Kaloyan Borisov


Kaloyan, still a minor, is distinguished by his endless curiosity and unceasing ambition.With over 600 books read behind him ...